/!\ Before buying your pass and extras to any event organized by Union Association, we advise you to carefully read the general terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are applicable for all of our events and you agree to them when buying your pass and extras.


/!\ To attend one of our events it is MANDATORY to own a pass. Without it you will not be able to attend the event and no refund will be possible. The ticketing will be shared on Union Association’s social networks.

Tickets can be bought online on Cityvent for the events of your choice. Please read all the descriptions regarding the passes to see what they include. After purchasing your pass, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail from Cityvent and your e-ticket. You will have to print the e-ticket and present it on the day of the event.

Passes are nominative and can’t be resold or transferred to other people without the agreement of Union Association. If the agreement has not been given, access to the event might be refused without any refund possible.

If you make a misspelling or any other mistake on the contact form, please contact us as soon as possible.

It is possible to buy a pass for another person. You must fill in the contact details of the beneficiary. Pass prices can no longer be changed upwards once announced. Please note that prices may vary from one event to another and the same goes for the prices of the extras.


Tickets for the extras can be bought online on Cityvent (link available on our website).  You can only buy extras if you have a pass.  You will not have access to the convention otherwise and no refund will be possible.

It is possible to purchase extras for another person. To do this, all you have to do is fill in the contact details of the beneficiary.

/!\ Reselling extra is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught reselling an extra may be denied access to the event.

 Union Association cannot be held responsible in any way if :

  • You lose your tickets during the convention
  • You don’t show up on time. Please note that the staff will do several reminders regarding the time to do your extra and it will also be indicated on the big screen.

Reselling of Tickets

The reselling of tickets purchased to the event is strictly forbidden. Doing so can result in having your access to the event denied and being banned from any Union Association’s future events. 


Official supports will be available to purchase on the day of the event.

Other supports are granted unless :

  • The support of your autograph doesn’t respect the actor/ actress.
  • If there is any direct order from the actor/actress’s agent that could forbid some support. You will then be warned as soon as possible.

Please note that the guest can refuse to sign a support if it does not suit them. 

Organization of the event 


To retrieve your pass and extras, you will have to present your ID Card and all the e-tickets sent to you by Cityvent. 

If you are a minor of 16 years old or more : attending the event is possible only if you have a parental authorization filled along with a copy of the ID of the parent who filled it. You will have to present these two documents to our staff members to get your pass and extras. The access to the event will be refused if you cannot present all these elements and no refund will be possible.

If you are a minor under 16 years old : attending the event is possible ONLY if accompanied by an adult who also has a pass. The access to the event will be refused if you cannot present all these elements and no refund will be possible. 

When you will come to get your pass and extras, the staff members will give you a bracelet and/or badge you must keep throughout the event.The absence of a bracelet/badge or the refusal to present it may prevent you from accessing the event or any of the activities.

  • Schedule of the event : 

Union Association will post on its social networks all the information regarding the schedule and organization of the event.

The event takes place according to a schedule established in advance. You will be able to access the queue and the activity sessions only if you have your pass and the corresponding extras in hand.

In order for the event to run smoothly for you, but also for the guests, all participants are required to respect the running order as announced during the event. If you are not here when it’s time for an activity, we do not guarantee that you will be able to access it at another time. Your missed activities will not be refunded.

Union Association is not responsible for your delay at the event and cannot guarantee a catch-up session for activities not performed as a result of your delay. No refund will be possible.

The location of the event may need to be changed. Any change will be communicated to you as soon as possible. Union Association will not be held responsible for the costs incurred by the participant and no refund will be made following a change of location.

Regarding the photo ops, Union Association will not be held responsible for the result of the photo (closed eyes for instance…). Only pictures that are poorly framed and out of focus will be eligible for an exceptional retake request.

Ticketing and payment terms

We will publish the link to the ticketing on our website and social networks.

As we might have other conventions planned, Union Association will therefore not be held responsible for a purchase error and no refund will be possible.

Payment of the most expensive pass can be made in installments upon request by e-mail. This applies for all of our events. You will then receive by e-mail a schedule with the payments deadlines and amounts of each installment. The participant agrees to pay on time, before the deadlines indicated. If the deadlines are passed, your purchase will be totally canceled without any refund. When the full payment is completed, the pass will be sent to you and you will then be assigned a seat number.

The terms and conditions apply at the time of your purchase. The applicable terms and conditions are the one available on the site at purchase time. Union Association reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to make a copy of them when you proceed with your purchase(s).

Refund conditions :

  • If a guest cancels his/her appearance for a convention :

All information on the terms will be announced on our social networks.  A guest can cancel at any time for any reason Union association undertakes to find a replacement as soon as possible and the extras purchased with this guest will be transferred to the replacement guest or any other guest of the event (for an equivalent amount). If none of the guests are of interest to the participant, then a refund of the extras will be made. 

  • If a guest cancels his/her appearance for a virtual convention :

Union Association will refund everyone who purchased an extra with the guest who canceled. If you can no longer participate in a virtual event, please contact us by email. We reserve the right to refuse the request for reimbursement if the reason is not validated.

Please note, only the extras concerning the canceled guest can be subject to a refund.

No pass will be refunded due to the cancellation of a guest.

  • If Union Association cancels an event, regardless the reason :

Union Association undertakes to refund the pass and extras purchased on the ticketing website. All the needed information regarding the process will be shared on its social networks.

  • If there is a change of the date of the event : 

If Union Association is compelled to change the date, for any reason, a new date will be announced to all participants. Passes and extras will be transferable and valid for the new date. If the participant cannot attend on the new date, all purchases made through the ticketing website will be subject to a refund.

Please note : In the event of any refund, the fees charged by the ticket office at purchase time will not be reimbursed by Union Association. These fees are not the responsibility of Union Association. 

Union Association is under no obligation to refund you for the tickets and extras of an event, except for cancellation of a part or all the events made by Union Association.

In accordance with the L 121-20-4 article of the French Consumer Code, tickets for events (and shows) are not subject to a right of withdrawal. Except for exceptional cases, if you no longer can or want to attend the event, it will be impossible to cancel your purchase. For these exceptional cases, please contact Union Association.

If you would like to resell, transfer it to a third party please contact Union Association beforehand. We remind you the tickets are nominative and Union Association’s authorization is necessary and will be given on a case-by-case basis. 

Regarding the resale authorization or the cancellation of your attendance, please note that each case remains at the discretion of Union Association. Therefore no refund can be required from the Union Association except if the event is canceled..

If the event is canceled (by Union Association or if you cannot attend the event anymore) please note that additional fees (housing, travel…) will remain at your charge. No refund will be possible, and Union Association will not be held responsible for these charges.

Union Association advises you to contact the third parties concerned (airlines, train companies, hotels…) and to get cancellation insurance whenever it’s possible.

Health context / COVID-19

All or some part of the convention may be canceled due to the sanitary situation. If so,  please refer to the “Refund” section above.

Union Association cannot be held responsible in any way if the sanitary situation prevents you from coming to the event but which does not prevent its holding (such as closure of borders, quarantine, emergency measures in your country, entry denied to people from certain countries. etc…).

No refund will be automatically granted, but please contact Union Association as soon as you learn that the health situation prevents you from coming so we can try to sort things out and see what can be done (resale, partial or total refund, etc.). 

If the sanitary measures require it you will be asked for a health pass, vaccination pass or any other document applicable at the time of the event. It is your responsibility to verify that you have these valid documents. No entry will be granted without these documents, and no refund can be made if your access to the  convention is denied because of it (no health pass, invalid health pass…).

Photos, videos and image rights

Please note that all personal photos and/or videos are strictly forbidden during the event. Photos with flash are ONLY allowed when the guests come up on stage for Q&A panels. During the panels only photos WITHOUT FLASH are allowed. 

If these rules are not followed or if someone takes too many photos and therefore obstructs other participant’s visibility, our staff members reserve the right to give a warning.

If the person persists, they may be excluded from the Q&A panel, or even from the event after recurrence.

By attending our events, you agree to have videos and/or photos taken of you and allow Union Association to post them on its social networks. In order to respect your image rights, you can contact us  to have the published photos / videos on which you appear removed.

Self-responsibility and compliance

Your personal belongings are under your sole responsibility. Union Association will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of your personal belongings if not left in the cloakroom.

The schedule of an event can be changed at any time, even on the day of the event. Audio and visual announcements in several languages will then be made during the event, stay alert. These modifications will not give rise to any refund. 

Union Association reserves the right to dismiss or refuse access to its events to any person who would harm the organization or the event (defamation, aggression, drunkenness,  under illegal substances, non-compliance with the rules, etc.) without any refund. The association can change the general conditions of sale at any time.

Purchases made before this change will still be under the previous conditions. By purchasing a pass or an extra for one of the events organized by Union Association, you agree to abide by these general terms and conditions.

Online conventions

All the details (prices, descriptions, application where the virtual event will take place, schedule of the activities) will be indicated on the announcements.

The announcements will be shared on Union Association’s social networks but also on its website.

Just like physical convention, tickets are non-refundable nor transferable.

If you miss your activity or if you have any technical issue, Union Association won’t be held responsible and therefore you won’t be getting a refund.

Recording  any activity is strictly forbidden. If you’re recording you will be removed from your activity and banned from future events without a possibility of a refund