/!\ Before you buy any pass or extras on our ticketings, please read the following terms and conditions attentively.

These terms and conditions are applicable immediately when using our ticketings.


Buying a pass is MANDATORY to access events held by Union Association (hereafter mentionned as “the organization”). Without a pass, access to the event will be denied and no refund will be possible. To buy a pass, please head to the ticketing of the event of your choice. Do not forget to read the different passes’ description to see what they include. (The ticketing will be shared several times on Union Association’s social media) When buying your pass, you will receive an e-mail from the ticketing confirming your purchase with your e-ticket which you will have to bring on the day of the event. Passes are nominative and cannot be resold or given to other people without Union Association’s approval. If the approval was not given by the organization’s board members, access to the event may be denied and no refund will be issued.

In case of mistakes entered during the information form, please reach out to Union Association as soon as possible. It is possible to buy a pass for another person. To do so, please enter the information of the person receiving the ticket. Pass prices may not be increased once they are announced. Prices may vary from an event to another. Same goes for the extras.


To buy an extra, please head to Union Association’s ticketing. In order to be able to purchase extras, you will need to have a pass. Without this pass, you will not be able to access the event nor your extras. In this case, no refund will be possible. Union Association is not responsible for you being unable to experience an extra if you are not there on time. (There will be several reminders on stage as well as on big screen to inform you of the activities’ schedule, for example.) It is forbidden to resell an extra, anyone caught selling an extra may be refused access to the event. It is possible to buy extras for someone else. To do so, please enter the receiver’s information.


Any support is allowed except if: 1- the support does not respect the actor. 2- Union Association receives directives from the actors and/or agents forbidding this support. (In this case, you will be informed as soon as possible). Official supports (accepted by the actors and agents) will be sold on site during the event.

The event

Several days before the event, Union Association will share indications regarding the event’s organization on their social media. To claim your pass and extras, you need to show an ID as well as your e-tickets, which you will receive (by e-mail) for each purchase on our ticketing. Children aged 16 or older may access Union Association’s events as long as they are bringing a parental authorization signed by their legal guardian as well as a copy of their legal guardian’s ID. Children under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult who will have to buy their own pass.

The event will take place according to a pre-established schedule. You will only be able to access the queue and activities if you have a pass and extras for said activities. In order for the event to go as smoothly as possible for you, but also for the guests, the participant is required to respect the time and group schedule announced during the event. If you are not there at the moment you are supposed to get to your activity, we do not guarantee that you will be able to get there later. Your missed activities will not be refunded. Union Association cannot be held responsible for you being late to the event and cannot guarantee that you will be able to catch up on your activities. No refund will be possible. When getting your pass/extras, Union Association’s staff will give you a bracelet and/or lanyard that you will need to keep at all times during the event. Union Association’s staff can ask you to show it at anytime. If you are unable or unwilling to show it, you may be denied access to the event or activities.

The location of the event can be changed, all location change will be communicated as soon as possible. Union Association will not be held accountable for any engaged costs by the participant and no refund will be given following a change of location. Union Association will not be held accountable for the printed pictures (eyes closed…). Only pictures badly taken or blurry will give you the opportunity of asking for it to be taken again.

Ticketing and payment terms

A link to the event ticketing is shared on our social media and our website. Several events can be held simultaneously, Union Association will not be responsible for any mistaken purchase and no refund will be given. The most expensive pass can be paid in installments on request to Union Association via e-mail. You will then receive an e-mail with a payment plan as well as deadlines and amounts of each installment, the participant commits to pay all installments before the deadlines. If deadlines are missed, your purchase will be cancelled without a refund. In case of installments, the pass will only be given to you after complete payment. A designated seat will only be assigned to you once payment is complete.

The terms and conditions apply immediatly once you place your order. The applicable terms and conditions are the ones presented online at the time of your purchase. The organization reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. It is on you to get a copy of these terms and conditions when placing your purchase.


If a guest cancels: a guest can cancel their appearance at any time for any motive, the organization commits to finding a replacement as soon as possible and extras bought with said guest will be transfered to the replacement guest or any other guest (for the same amount). If none of the guests suit the participant, then a refund will be issued. In case of any cancellation, all information will be shared on our social media.

If a guest cancels their virtual attendance: Union Association will refund all fans who have bought an extra with said guest. If you can no longer attend a virtual event, please reach out to the organization via e-mail. The organization reserves the right to refuse a refund if the reason is not validated by the organization.

Warning, only the extras involving the cancelled guest can lead to a refund. No refund will be issued for passes following a guest cancellation. In case Union Association cancels an event: si the event is cancelled, for any reason, the organization commits to entirely refund all passes and extras bought on the ticketing. All information regarding delays and refund terms will be shared on our social media following the cancellation. In case of the event changing dates, new dates will be announced. The pass and extras will be transfered to the new dates. If the participant cannot attend the event anymore, Union Association commits to entirely refund purchases made through the ticketing. Warning: in case of a refund, the fees applied by the ticketing will not be refunded by Union Association. The organization cannot be held accountable for these fees.

The organization is not in any case forced to refund tickets to the event, expect for cancellation of all or part of the event.

In accordance with the article L 121-20-4 of the Code de la Consommation, tickets to shows and events do not enter the retractation right. If you do not or cannot come anymore, it is impossible to cancel your ticket, except for special cases (please contact the organization)

If you wish to transfer, resell, or give it to someone else, please reach out to the organization beforehand: tickets are nominative so you will need to get the organization’s approval and it will be given case by case. Regarding the resale approval and cancellation of your attendance, each case stays in the discretion of the organization: no refund can be requested for any reason except the cancellation of the event.

If the event is cancelled (by the organization or by you), no other costs (housing, transport…) will be refunded by the organization. Union Association cannot be held accountable for any costs engaged by you to take part in the event. The organization invites you to reach out to the involved companies (air or train companies, hotels….) to see with them whether a refund is possible, and to contact insurances when that is possible.

Sanitary context and COVID-19

All or part of the event may be cancelled by the organization due to the sanitary crisis. In this case, please refer to the “refund” section above.

The organization cannot be held accountable in case of the sanitary crisis making you unable to attend the event, but allowing the event to attend (frontiers closing, quarantine, measures forbidding you to enter the country…). No refund will be instantly given, but please reach out to the organization as soon as you learn that the sanitary context presents you from attending in order to see if anything is possible on our side (resale, partial or total refund…).

If sanitary measures require it, a sanitary pass, vaccinal pass or any other mandatory document at the time of the event will be requested. It is up to you to make sure you have said documents. You will be unable to access the event without said documents, and no refund will be issued if you are denied access for these reasons (unvalid or inexistant sanitary pass, etc…).

Pictures, videos and image rights

Video recordings are strictly prohibited everywhere and at all times during the event. Pictures with flashes are only allowed during the guests’ arrival on stage for Q&A panels. During the Q&A panels: only pictures without flashes are authorized. If someone is taking too many pictures and is preventing other attendees from seeing correctly ir us caught recording, Union Association’s staff members will be allowed to give them a warning. If the person persists, they can be excluded from the Q&A panel, or even from the event altogether. Pictures are strictly prohibited outside of the Q&A panels. By taking part in our events, you are giving us the agreement to take pictures and/or videos of you and to be shared on our social media. In order to respect your image rights, you can reach out to the organization to ask us to delete your photos/videos.

Personal Responsibility and Compliance

Union Association will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of your personal belongings not registered to the changing room. Your personal belongings is your entire responsibility. An event’s schedule can be changed at any time, even on the day of the event. Sound and visual announcements in several languages will be made, so please pay attention. These changes will not lead to any refund. Union Association reserves the right to expel or deny access to any person who would harm the organization or the event (diffamation, assault, drunkenness, illicit substances use, non-respect of the rules, etc…) without any refund. The organization can change these terms and conditions at any time. Purchases made before these changes will comply to the old terms and conditions. By buying a pass or an extra for one of the events held by Union Association, you are agreeing to comply to these terms and conditions.

Online events

All information (prices, descriptions, applications where the event will take place, time of different activities) will be shared on announcements. Announcements will be shared on Union Association’s social media but also on this website. Union Association declines ALL responsibility if fans are not present at the allocated time. Union Association is not responsible if fans have a bad internet connectivity. No refund will be issued if a fan missed their activity because of their bad connectivity.

Rules for online events

  • The virtual event takes place on Zoom.
  • You have to be connected 10 minutes before your appointed time.
  • You will receive an email with all the information (zoom link, login, password and starting time) a few days before the event (or maximum the day of the virtual event)
  • Use the same name & first name on zoom you used when buying your virtual chat.
  • It is strictly forbidden to record or take pictures during virtual chats. If we see you break this rule, you will be immediatly fired from the zoom session without possibility of refund!
  • Thank you for checking your internet connection. We will do our best to wait for your connection to be restored during your virtual chat, but if it exceeds the Guest’s time for our virtual event, there will be no refunds.
  • A screenshot will be taken at the end of your virtual chat.
  • We send an email before the day of the virtual event to find out if you need (or not) help to translate your discussion with our guests, please answer us as quickly as possible.
  • The ticketing remains open until the day of the virtual event (it’ll be closed at 16:00 / french time)
  • Rules can be added because everything depends on our virtual events and conditions with guests. Please pay attention to our announcements on social media.