Why support one organization in particular and not another one? It was a big dilemma. That’s how the name Union Association was created, and its objective with it: to support other organizations. Thanks to our events, we have been supporting several organizations for over a year.

Angelo, UA’s president

Angelo (he/him)


My name is Angelo, I am Union Association’s president. I am not really a big TV show fan but I am passionate about certain TV shows. That means I can watch the same show at least 50 times a year. (Like Grey’s Anatomy, Sabrina & Desperate Housewives for exemple 😂). Before I created Union Association, I was wondering which organization we could support with our own. But after deliberation, it was way too hard to choose only one organization to support. Why support one organization in particular and not another one? It was a big dilemma. That’s how the name Union Association was created, and its objective with it: to support other organizations. Thanks to our virtual events, we have been supporting several organizations for over a year. Planning events just to plan events doesn’t really make sense to me so we might as well use our events’ visibility to support other organizations that need it. In the organization, I am mainly in charge of discussing with agents, handling contracts as well as our social media. For everything else (budgets for the events, announcements, event planning, etc…) I am collaborating with the organization’s vice-president (Jessica) without whom we wouldn’t have been able to do everything we have done up until now.

Jessica (she/her)


Jessica, also called Dany depending on her mood, pure product of the 80’s her age remains a mystery, with a masters degree in communication and working in a media agency. Passionate about TV shows since forever, she was downloading episodes online and burning her first Buffy episodes when she was at school, and she keeps this show as her number one in her heart. Her favorite shows are: Buffy (as you would understand), One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. Don’t talk to her about other shows involving werewolves, vampires or others as she will ban you from the events (this may be false… or not). Introverted, feminist and vegetarian, she loves to travel and learn more about other cultures, but a perfect day to her is having avocado toasts at breakfast, followed by a long walk in nature and an afternoon watching Netflix with a pasta carbonara.

Manon (she/her)


I am Manon, I’m 32 🥹I am a HR assistant and accountant in life and a mom of 3 children ❤️I fell into shows during collège (so a long time ago) with shows like friends, Hartley, Un Dos Tres and the saturday trilogy (love to smallville, charmed and SPN) during high school I continued with others prison break, kyle XY, one tree hill… And never stopped 🙃today I have a top5 that’s always changing😂but we can mention OTH, TVD, Vikings, The Royals, New Girl, Sense8, GoT… anyway many shows that are very different but that I love so much for very different reasons. Some relax me, others make me laugh, others make me travel, cry, love, hate… First convention attended in 2013 and same, I never stopped 🫠I am thus treasurer for Union Association and very proud to be a part of the adventure❤️ you can also hear me translate during virtuals👀Thank you for following Union Association’s adventure and thanks to Angelo and Jessica for their trust 🥳

Marie-Alix (she/her)


Hello, I’m Marie-Alix (but I prefer Marie, it’s simpler!). Passionate about art, I made it my job: I am a tattoo artist and artist ✨. I have always been inspired by what surrounds us to create something. Nature, museums, music, cinema and of course series. I have preferences for fantasy series like Sabrina, Shadow and Bone, Rings of Power… But my top 3 will always be Vikings, Peaky Blinders and The Last Kingdom! ⚔️ Series linked to history, with a (big) pinch of adventure and action! I am very grateful to be part of the team, as a graphic designer and sometimes as a translator! It’s an incredible experience surrounded by extraordinary people. Thank you for following this adventure!🫶🏼

Mylène (she/her)


Hi, I’m Mylène aka mymy. I am 21 and live in the north of France. I am a third year English student so I practice English in all its aspects quite often. I am quite smily, at least I try to bring a little positivity in this world, that’s kind of why I joined UA’s team to see you smile tons! I am mainly fan of shows since around collège, between The Queen’s Gambit, Reign and Peaky Blinders. I also love to travel, meet new people as well as do interviews!

Nabila (she/her)


I am Nabila, one of the translators for Union Association for a year now. Passionate about travel, I got to live in Malta, Budapest and in the United States and travel to many different European countries. English has always been my passion and I loved the little bit of conventions I was able to attend. Joining Union Association thus is a real dream come true and I am happy to be able to take part in each participant’s happiness at our events. My favorite show of all time will remain One Tree Hill.

Rike (she/her)

graphic designer

Hi, my name is Rike. I’m 24 years old (or young) and live in Germany. One could say that I’m a very optimistic person who’s trying to make the best of everything. I’m passionate about traveling, concerts, football and conventions, which is why I’m glad to work for Union Association as a graphic designer.

Eve (she/her)


Hello !
I’m Eva, I’m 22 years old and I live in the Paris region.
Series and reading are an integral part of my daily life, and among my favorites, The 100, Reign, Las Chicas del Cable or even Bridgerton and The Buccaneers. Well I have plenty more but let’s keep a little mystery!
I joined Union Association over 2 years ago now.
There is nothing that pleases me more than seeing you realize your dreams <3
So, what are you waiting for!